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komputer MacIntosh Mac Pro dual-core Quad 3mHz 32Mb RAM

komputer Macintosh G4
Avid ProTools wersja 10 i 11-64bit

bundle pluginów f-my Waves



Apogee Symphony  16 IN/16 OUT

Apogee Rosetta  16 IN/16 OUT

Digital Audio Denmark 2408

Digidesign 888/24 3




konsoleta analogowa Barco-Emt 32/mic-lin, 8stereo-lin 8aux 8bus 2stereo master bus with patchbay

2 x WSW Siemens-Halske tube preamps

4 x WSW Siemens-Halske germanium preamps

DBX 586 dual tube preamp/limiter

TL Audio 5051 mono tube voice processor

główny - Genelec 1038B with subwoofer

średni   - Tannoy System 800 coaxial

bliski     - Yamaha NS-10

pozostały outboard

Elysia Expressor discrete class-A stereo compressor
replika SSL Master Bus compressor by Marvel


Brauner VM-1
RODE Classic II tube microhone with preamp
AKG C-414 EB-P48 (pair)
Neumann KM 148 (pair)
AKG C-451 EB (pair)
Electrovoice N/Dym 868
CAD Trion 7000 ribbon microphone

Sennhesiser E604 4szt
Shure SM-57 6szt

DPA 4099

Audix drum set

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